World Wide Operations

From the Chairman's Desk

Marksans Goes Global

In order to expand its global footprint and consolidate its operations and product offerings, Marksans entered into strategic tie-ups and acquired key players in the major global markets.

Main Markets

Our main markets are the US, Europe, Canada, Australia, and other emerging markets like South East Asia, Africa, MENA, Russia and CIS countries. Our product portfolio comprises more than 1500 SKUs and 300 products, which are registered in these countries. In addition, we have a strong pipeline of products under registration.

From the Chairman's Desk
From the Chairman's Desk

Global Mission

  • Building a robust presence in the US generic pharmaceutical market through a combination of organic growth and strategic acquisitions.
  • Concentrating on the development of Intellectual Property assets, particularly in specialized dosage forms, to enhance our innovative capabilities.
  • Actively engaging in In-licensing of Intellectual Property to drive sustained growth and scalability.
  • To develop and launch generic products tailored for niche market segments, demonstrating our commitment to innovation.
  • To establish a significant (OTC) presence in regulated markets to expand our product portfolio and market reach.