The US is a major player in the global pharmaceutical market and Marksans acquisition of Time-Cap Labs (TCL) has enabled us to effectively tap into the growing demands of this market.

This facility manufactures solid-dose generic pharmaceutical products and sells finished products in fully packed quantities. This facility offers a diverse range of products across Private Label OTC, Generic Prescription Drugs, and Nutritional Supplements, including Gastrointestinal, Laxatives, Pain Management, Analgesics, Cold and Cough, and Anti-Allergy. Its customer base includes leading USA retailers.

Marksans is the first Indian company with US-FDA approval for Claritin soft gel capsules (Loratadine). OTC products are manufactured by TCL in the USA, while ANDA-approved products are manufactured at the Goa facility and exported to North American countries. Our existing product portfolio segment offers significant growth opportunities to capitalise on the increasing transition from prescription (Rx) to OTC medications in the USA.

UK and Europe

Since 2007, Marksans has been actively serving the UK market, establishing itself as one of the top Indian companies in the region. Our presence is facilitated through Marksans Pharma UK Ltd., along with our two step-down subsidiaries, Bell, Sons & Co. (Druggists) Limited and Relonchem, both acquired in 2008.

Bells Healthcare specializes in delivering high-quality own-label products across various therapeutic areas like analgesics, cough and cold, pain relief, gastrointestinal, ear care, and skin care. Serving supermarkets, high-street retailers, pharmacy chains, and wholesalers, Bells Healthcare stands as the largest manufacturer of private-label and branded cough liquids in the UK.

Relonchem, on the other hand, offers an extensive range of own-label healthcare pharmaceutical products covering areas such as anti-diabetic, antihypertensive, antidepressant, anti-cancer, anti-ulcerative, allergy relief, anti-viral, and pain relief in the UK market.

Our activities in the UK and Europe demonstrate resilience and strategic positioning for future expansion. Backed by a diverse product portfolio and robust partnerships with retailers and wholesalers, our company is adept at satisfying the evolving demands of customers within the region.

Marksans Pharma Ltd


Marksans successfully entered the Australasia markets by acquiring Nova Pharmaceuticals Australasia Pty Ltd. in 2005. Presently, we stand as a prominent supplier for well-known retail brands in the region such as Woolworths Ltd., Coles Mayer Ltd., Aldi, and Metcash.

Since the acquisition, Marksans, via Nova, has secured around 100 Marketing Authorizations (MAs) and emerged as a major provider of generic products in the area. Our growth trajectory remains robust as we rapidly expand into crucial therapeutic classes.

Nova is engaged in the R&D and marketing of generic OTC products, with a focus on analgesics, antihistamines, anti-fungal, anti-allergy, dermatology, essential oils, and gastrointestinal segments. All Nova products comply with TGA Australia regulations.

South East Asia and MENA

Marksans started operations in the Asian region in 2008. The vast and diverse Asian continent has been the focal point of Marksans international operations. With 300+ product registrations covering 9 countries, Marksans has a vantage position in the Asian region.

Backed by a strong product portfolio and a highly promising pipeline of pending product registrations, Marksans is well-positioned to realize the true potential of these markets. Our aim is to reach out to different territories in the world’s largest continent by offering pharmaceutical products encompassing a wide range of therapeutic indications with impeccable quality at par with international standards.

The acquisition of AHC in UAE will further strengthen the company’s presence in the MENA region

Marksans Pharma Ltd
Marksans Pharma Ltd


The African market presents extensive opportunities for enhancing our international operations. With 40 product registrations, Marksans is consolidating its position in the African region. The company has a strong product portfolio currently with plans for offering a comprehensive array of products in the near future.

Russia & CIS

Marksans Pharma is currently exporting its products to CIS and Russia. Our primary objective is to harness our capabilities in research, IP, and manufacturing to establish strategic partnerships and enhance our footprint in these markets.

We are dedicated to expanding our influence in these regions by providing high-quality products at competitive prices and consistently upgrading our offerings. Moreover, the introduction of innovative products in current markets and venturing into new territories will drive our growth within these markets.

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