Manufacturing Facilities

Plant 1 - Verna - Goa, India

Our formulation manufacturing and highly-capable R&D plant at Verna, Goa, has been designed with state-of-the-art facilities. Spread across a 23,900 Square Meter Campus, this facility is one of the biggest manufacturing facilities for soft gelatin capsules and tablets in Asia. The plant has fully automated packaging capabilities and manufactures generic pharmaceuticals which are exported across the globe. Production capacity for the plant includes 2.4 billion soft gel and hard gelatin capsules per annum and 6 billion solid tablets per annum.

The plant is a 100% EOU unit and built to support scalable solutions. The facility has been approved by various international bodies such as US FDA, UK MHRA and Australian TGA. It has also received a WHO GMP certificate and recognition from the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DISR).

The R&D centre comprises of three key divisions for formulation development, devising analytical methods, and conducting stability studies.

Plant 2 - North Goa, India

In keeping with Marksans Pharma’s vision to successfully cater to the diverse needs of global healthcare at affordable rates, the company acquired a manufacturing facility from Tevapharm, India. This acquired facility is spread across 47,597 square meters and has approvals to manufacture products from EU, Health Canada, and Japanese Health Authority.

The facility’s scalable production capabilities are in line with Marksans’ upcoming goals with plans to double the existing capacity of 8 billion units per annum. This expansion includes the manufacturing of tablets, hard and soft gel capsules, ointments, liquids, creams, and more.

Marksans Pharma Ltd

Plant 3 - Farmingdale, United States

The US pharmaceutical market plays a dominant role in global sales and our manufacturing facility is suitably located to cater to this demand. Spread over an area of 7000 square meters, this facility manufactures our ‘Made in the USA’ product lines.

Building on our promise to supply diverse healthcare products, we have added incremental packaging lines. The facility is approved by the FDA and has the capacity to manufacture 6 billion tablets and hard capsules per annum.

Plant 4 - Southport, UK

Our manufacturing facility at Southport, UK has been licensed by the MHRA and is strategically located to cater to the UK, West Africa, and the Middle East markets. Spread across 7,300 square meters, this facility is primarily engaged in manufacturing non-sterile liquids, ointments, and powder sachets. The current setup is equipped to manufacture 2 billion bottles, 1 billion tubes, and 1 billion sachets per annum.

We operate a well-equipped development laboratory with a dedicated staff, enabling us to both create and enhance formulations. Our Regulatory Department is also on hand to offer comprehensive in-house support for matters concerning regulatory affairs, license variations, and applications.

Marksans Pharma Ltd