R&D Capabilities

Marksans prides itself on superior R&D capabilities. Our continued focus on R&D investments has led to a robust pipeline of newly developed pipeline products. We further plan to enhance our product portfolio with an addition of twelve to thirteen products every year. Our dedicated research team is committed to developing a range of healthcare formulations and products as per customer specifications.

From the Chairman's Desk

Our Strengths

  • Our 2 facilities in Goa and 1 each in the UK and USA are accredited by top regulators including US-FDA, MHRA, Australian Government (Department of Health), and TGA.
  • A highly skilled team of 50+ scientists.
  • An ability to formulate and market drugs in the shortest possible lead time.

Our Focus

R&D is at the core of Marksans vision to become a leading integrated and global pharmaceutical company. Our R&D focus includes:

  • Developing soft gels and different delivery systems like extended release, liquid, OTC products, and ointments
  • OTC products for pain management, cough and cold, digestive, vitamins, supplements, and anti-allergic medications.
  • Prescription medications for cardiovascular diseases, central nervous system disorders, and diabetes.
Our Focus
Contract Research And Collaboration

Contract Research And Collaboration

Marksans' Research and Development (R&D) unit actively forges impactful collaborations with academic institutions, hospitals, and other research-focused organizations. The company leverages valuable resources such as skilled scientists, trained personnel, and advanced infrastructure.

These collaborative efforts enable us to benchmark our developmental activities against the highest standards in the industry.