We have 4 R&D centers - Verna - Goa, India, North Goa, India, Farmingdale, United States, Southport, UK

Marksans Pharma’s success in research and development has given the company a significant competitive edge. Furthermore, the company’s marketing and business development team proactively assesses industry trends for relevant recommendations to the management. As a leading player in the pharmaceutical industry, we take immense pride in fostering innovation and strategic partnerships that positively shape the future of global healthcare.

Our reach spans a diverse spectrum of more than 10 therapeutic areas, including OTC products for pain management, cough and cold relief, digestive health, vitamins, supplements, and anti-allergic medications. Additionally, our portfolio includes prescription medications addressing cardiovascular diseases, central nervous system disorders, anddiabetes.

At Marksans, we believe in a global mindset and actively engage in fostering international collaborations. Presently, we have over 50 FDA-approved products, offering a broad range of more than 100 products under our Bells Healthcare brand in the UK and an extensive catalogue of over 160 products under our Relonchem brand. Furthermore, our commitment extends to the Australian market, where we provide over 50 products.

With a forward-looking approach, we are actively advancing a pipeline that comprises 70+ products, accompanied by the filing of over 350 dossiers. Our dedication to excellence has resulted in the approval of over 300 ANDAs/MAs and the filing of more than 25 ANDAs/MAs.

Looking ahead, we are committed to offering innovative high-quality and affordable healthcare products to support better healthcare on a global scale.