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Today's era has seen a lot about women's empowerment and true to this statement women have emerged as leaders in various fields and continue to be an inspiration for many people. Such is the greatness of woman and womanhood as she plays the role of doting mother and that of a businesswoman with ease. Women generally face the problem of iron and calcium deficiency in their day-to-day life. To overcome this problem there is a need for calcium and iron supplements which has to be included in their diet.

To give strength and support to Womanhood we have, (Our Products)

  • Hemcap - Capsules / Syrup (Iron supplement)
  • Ritecal - Tablets / Suspension (Calcium Supplement)

Another major problem faced by women is painful menstrual cycle, which can put a break to their daily activities. To help them overcome this we offer, (Our Products)

  • TMF – (Trenexemic Acid + Mefenemic Acid)