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Marksans Pharma Ltd - Out-licensing in India

Marksans is committed to developing new drugs and has embarked on forging out-licensing agreements with other global pharmaceutical majors.

We are actively seeking out-licensing arrangements and strategic partnerships with international specialty pharmaceutical companies focused on the marketing of generic pharmaceuticals to enter new segments and grow in these markets.

Out-licensing in India

Out-licensing is a relatively new phenomenon in the Indian pharmaceutical sector. Very few Indian companies have the required in-house facilities to develop patented products.

An out-licensing strategy can make a critical drug globally accessible, and technology collaboration can enable an experimental drug to make it to the market quicker. This is also significant in the global pharmaceutical sector, as development of new drugs and out-licensing allows our partners access to a diverse selection of the most sought after drugs and research compounds.

Why Marksans for Out-licensing?

National Health Surveillance Agency, MHRA United Kingdom, Brazil, Australian Government

Marksans has state-of-the-art research facilities, equipped with the latest infrastructure, which are led by highly qualified scientists from institutions having international recognition. This facilitates us to develop new generation drugs, formulations and novel drug delivery vehicles, as per international standards and regulations.