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Locations (Goa/Southport - UK)

Goa, India

Marksans Pharma Ltd - Manufacturing Facility Goa, India

One of Marksans Pharma’s premier manufacturing and R&D facility is located at Goa, India. The formulation plant here is spread across an 18,000 square feet campus. The plant is a 100% EOU has been designed to accommodate rapid future expansion.

The entire facility has been built to adhere to the US FDA guidelines and has been approved by various international bodies such as US FDA, UK MHRA, Australian TGA and ANVISA (Brazil). The facility houses a pilot manufacturing plant and has also received recognition from the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DISR).

This facility is one of the biggest manufacturing facility for soft gelatin capsules and tablets in Asia.

The plant has fully automated packaging capabilities. In addition, the plant also has an R&D centre that comprises of three key divisions for formulation development, devising analytical methods and conducting stability studies.

Southport, UK

Marksans Pharma - Manufacturing Facility at Southport, UK
Marksans Pharma - Manufacturing Facility at Southport, UK for non-sterile liquids, ointments and powder products

Marksans Pharma has another manufacturing facility at a multi-purpose UK MHRA licensed factory in Southport, UK. This setup is primarily engaged in manufacturing non-sterile liquids, ointments and powder products.

Our production lines have the following manufacturing capacities and capabilities:

  • Oral liquids in batches up to 8000liters
  • Non-oral liquids up to 3000liters
  • Blended powders up to 800kilograms
  • Ointments up to 400kilograms
  • Liquid packaging - from 5ml up to 5liters (bottles)
  • Ointments and powders packaging – 5g to 5kg (containers)
  • Powder filling – 5g to 20g (sachets)

In addition, we also have a fully-staffed development laboratory and have the capability to develop and improve formulations. Our Regulatory Department provides the necessary in-house support with respect to regulatory affairs, license variations and applications.