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Cough Remedies

Cough remedies have huge demand in the domestic market.

Cough Remedies are generally classified as that for,

  • Productive Cough
  • Unproductive Cough

The aim of the productive cough therapy is to expel out the flum which is accumulated in the lungs.

For Productive Cough we have, (Our Products)

  • Ambrol Plus - Ambroxol + Terbutaline + Guafenesin + Menthol

The treatment for unproductive cough is to soothe the irritation caused due to continuous coughing and thus bring relief to the patient. (Our Products)

For Unproductive Cough we have,

  • Ambrol D - Dexomethorphan + Pseudoephidrine + Chlorpheneramine + Menthol
  • Codans – Codeine + Chlorpheneramine